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ThinLine Cable Ties - Pack of 16
ThinLine Cable Ties - Pack of 16
Price £8.99 inc vat

Extra zip tie packs-Your Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle comes with extras, but should you need more we offer replacement packs of 16 low profile zip ties.

You must use our Thinline zip ties for the warranty on the muzzle to be valid.


How to attach your Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle?

Have a look at this short 5 step video, and you’ll get it in a blink!

Step 1

Use paper ties (which come with the grazing muzzle) or string to discover the best holes to secure your horse muzzle to your halter.  The paper ties are a temporary tool allowing you to easily adjust the fit.

Step 2

Two of the “fins” have a triangle cut out. These attach to the square (side) rings on your turnout halter. Three fins will connect to the noseband, one in the center, and the other two fall naturally to the sides of the center.  Three fins will connect to the chin band; one in the center, two naturally to the sides of the center.

Step 3

First, secure each triangle cut-out fin with one of the enclosed low-profile cable ties.  Do not wrap the fins around the halter, doing so may cause rubs.

Step 4

When properly installed, the grazing muzzle should be close to but not touching the nose of the horse. If the grazing muzzle is touching the nose simply make the fins under the chin longer, this will lift the muzzle away from the nose.

Step 5

Once you are satisfied you have the correct holes aligned to the halter please remove the paper ties or string and permanently secure the horse muzzle with the included cable ties.  After finding the best fit for your horse, simply trim the excess fin material just above the top hole being used.

It is fine to wait a day or two to ensure your muzzle is a comfortable distance from your horse’s mouth before trimming.  The “keeper” on the cable tie is on the outside of the muzzle and the excess is facing down and trimmed close.

If you have fitted the grazing muzzle properly and the muzzle is the correct size it will work famously. If you find there is too much grazing room be sure your fins are snugly secured to your halter.  The fins should not move along the noseband if it does simply pull the cable tie tighter.

ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle howto

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