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Business: SES Saddlery

Saddler: Sarah Stevens

Contact No: 07971844741


Areas Covered: Berkshire, Oxfordshire


Business: Express Equine

Saddler: Sophie Welch

Contact No: 07900901589


Areas Covered: Essex and Cambridgeshire


Business: Bespoke Saddlery

Saddler: Ellie Martin

Contact No: 07889 890823

Email Address: [email protected]  


Areas Covered: West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey


Business: Gammack Saddlery

Saddler: Anne Scott

Contact No: 01340871319

Areas Covered: Scotland


Business: Olympus Saddlery

Saddler: Mandy Miller

Contact No: 0333 012 4629

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Hampshire, East Sussex, Kent, London


Business: Plateau Holistic Equine

Saddler: Claire Marshall

Contact No:  07535840321

Areas Covered: Staffordshire, Mid and North Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Scotland


Business: Jane Cumberlidge

Saddler: Jane Cumberlidge

Contact No: 07581314136

Email: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Scotland

Business: SaddleKind

Saddler: Julia Duffin

Contact No: 07977 114896

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset


Business: Seriously Tacky

Saddler: Hannah May

Contact No: 07711 344131

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire


Business: Katie Eaton Saddlery

Saddler: Katie Eaton

Contact No: 07748 928561

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk


Business: Malvern Saddle Company Ltd

Saddler: Rhiannon Jenkins

Contact No: 07957540870

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Mammouthshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Welsh Borders


Business: KEB Saddlery

Saddler: Kerry Boyd

Contact No: 07970931787

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset


Business: The Casbrook Saddlery

Saddler: Izzie Bailey

Contact No: 07899 647367

Email Address: [email protected]

Areas Covered: Hants/New Forest

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