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ThinLine Shoe Insoles
ThinLine Shoe Insoles
Price £20.99 inc VAT

Find out why your horse loves ThinLine and have happier feet. Our shoe insoles are guaranteed to relieve sore feet, sore backs, knee, ankle and hip pain! Gives you great comfort and beats all other insoles you ever knew! 

If it’s good enough for a horse, imagine what it can do for you!

ThinLine Shoe Insoles Tallboots 4


Luckily we don’t weigh 1,200 pounds, but even if we did we would find relief from foot, joint, and back pain with these boot inserts, just like the horses do. Once you have these in 1 pair of shoes, you’ll want them in every shoe you own!

Discover for yourself why horses love ThinLine.  Made of the same material as our famous shock-absorbing horse products, these shoe insoles have proven results for a variety of comfort needs.

 Our insoles and inserts are guaranteed to relieve:

  • Sore Feet
  • Sore Backs
  • Knee, Ankle, and Hip Pain

ThinLine Shoe Insoles are available in two thicknesses:

  • THIN – is the thinnest and will not alter the fit of your shoe - Measuring 1/8″- 2.4mm – Best for Orthopedic insoles, runners (place beneath orthotics), and fashion heels (you can trim a pair just for the balls of the feet).
  • THICK- 3/16″-4.8mm – Best for Workboots, cowboy boots, replacing factory insoles; also good for footwear that is a little too big.  This thickness provides extreme protection for extended time on your feet. This thickness is the same product as our famous saddle pads.


Shoe Insoles are trim to fit and come in one size. A sizing chart is included in the package to guide trimming. Insoles will fit up to a men’s size 12. If you’re looking for thick insoles for boots these are also suitable.


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