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ThinLine Replacement Breakaway Halter Piece
ThinLine Replacement Breakaway Halter Piece
Price £19.00 inc VAT

ThinLine Replacement Breakaway Halter Piece

Replacement part for the Flexible Breakaway Halter. It’s safe, and it can be replaced!

Why would you use a Breakaway Halter?

A Breakaway Halter is perfect to combine with our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle. This makes the combo super safe to use 24/7.
When your horse gets caught the Breakaway Halter Piece or the Zipties of the Grazing muzzle will break and free your horse. No need to worry any if your horse will be injured by getting caught on the field.

The ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter is designed for use with the Flexible Grazing Muzzle

Designed for comfort, our ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter has features to make using and installing the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle easy. Our horse halter has strategically placed “keepers” for you to attach your muzzle.  These keepers ensure your grazing muzzle is secured in the right position. This ensures the muzzle will not shift while also remaining clear of horses’ lips and nostrils.

Too, you can see how the specially designed halter puts your muzzle in exactly the right place for the greatest comfort for your horse and ease of use for you.

The turnout halter is designed for a very comfortable and secure fit. The halter is adjustable at both the nose and the crown.  Lined with the famous ThinLine foam, this halter will decrease the possibility of rubs!  And the halter helps to eliminate skin fungus’ and protect sensitive faces.  Flashy look, but surely easy to find!

Black nylon with white stitching.

Available in five sizes; medium mini, pony, cob, horse, and oversize.  The halter intentionally does not have an adjustable noseband.  You might feel the noseband is a little roomy when you receive it but please go ahead and attach your muzzle.  We designed this for the best in rub-free comfort!

What size do you need for your ThinLine Replacement Breakaway Halter Piece?

  • Pony to Cob: 22″ – 56 cm
  • Horse: 23,23″ – 59 cm
  • Oversize: 26″ – 66,4 cm

Pony size can be trimmed down for mini halter use. You may need to punch holes.

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