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StripHair Gentle Groomer Equine
StripHair Gentle Groomer Equine
Price £37.00 inc vat
Easy-to-Use coat conditioning and hair removal tool. 
Ideal for all Horses... including the most sensitive of breeds.

The StripHair Gentle Groomer - ORIGINAL is intended for daily grooming... all year long!

The unique all-in-one design offers unlimited convenience to: 

  • groom 
  • curry comb 
  • shine
  • shed 
  • shampoo
  • massage

TIPS: Another great use is bath time! The Soft Cleaning Diamonds gently cleanse the skin & coat, and The Gentle Grooming Edge whisks away the rinse water! Great for safely cleaning saddle pads & blankets too!

One Of A Kind

- Gentle Grooming Edge used at a 45-degree angle will remove loose hair and add shine

- Large diamonds remove dried mud and sweat, as well as lather shampoo

- Small diamonds & tapered ends comfortably groom the face and legs

- Unique patented design


The Material Matters

- Orange & olive oils increase durability, performance and benefit

- Anti-microbial agents and nonporous structure provide lasting sanitation

- Flexible and durable combines comfort and effectiveness



- Remove loose hair during shedding season

- Lather shampoo and remove water on bath day

- Remove dust & mud everyday

- Distribute natural oils for beautiful shine

- Massage to improve performance and your relationship


Safe & Effective

- Horses and dogs both enjoy The Gentle Groomer

- Safe to use on every part of the body

- They'll love the feeling - you'll love the convenience!


Made in the USA | Color: Black | Length: 9in/22cm

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