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Sooth Itch Spray  500ml
Sooth Itch Spray 500ml
Price £13.99 inc vat

Sooth Itch Spray helps to relieve itching, soothe and encourage hair to grow back naturally.

  • Soothes itching.
  • Encourages natural hair growth.
  • Also available as a supper strength topical gel.
  • NEW Easy-to-use spray form.

Sooth Itch Spray is the perfect product for all horses and ponies, to soothe and relieve itching, and encourage hair to grow back naturally. Sooth Itch Spray encourages dry skin or scabs to loosen allowing the skin to repair. Whether the horse has rubbed his tail, suffers from sweet itch, or generally rubs areas of skin, Sooth Itch Spray is the perfect support.


Sooth Itch Spray is made completely from natural ingredients and can be applied directly to the horse or pony's skin. Sooth Itch Spray contains English Lavender Essential Oil, Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.

Directions for Use:

Spray the Sooth Itch directly onto the affected area of the horse or pony’s skin, and rub in. Always test on a small area first. Do not use on broken skin except under veterinary advice.


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