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Stride Free Aero Jockey Saddle 195gm
Stride Free Aero Jockey Saddle 195gm
Price £215.00 inc vat
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Stride Free Jockey Saddle

Stride Free offers large load bearing area, increased freedom of shoulder movement and lengthens the stride.

The unbreakable tree flexes with the horse's back shape and resists even to a car driving over it.

2-4 exchangeable girth billets, antislip-bottom. 


Available in black with multiple colour lining choices, 600g+ saddles available with lead-pockets,

4 standard sizes: 350-400g / 600-700g / 1000-1100g / 1900-2000g 


Please contact the office for size and colour options

Prices change with size/weight


Please note, most saddles will be ordered for customer orders so may take a couple of weeks to come in to stock. 


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Stride Free Jockey Saddle 2kg
Stride Free Jockey Saddle 350-400g
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