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5 things you didn't know about dogs

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and are often found around yards and horses, here’s five things you didn’t know about them…

  1. Dogs can seen in the dark. Their eyes are better at adapting to low-light conditions, they retinas are more light sensitive and they can increase the size of their pupil to allow more light in.
  2. Dogs can sense how you are feeling by the smell of your perspiration – when you are nervous you smell different to when you are excited!
  3. Each dog bark is unique so they are able to distinguish themselves from each other. One breed (Basenji) doesn’t even bark – it sounds like it’s yodelling! (Google it!)
  4. Dog are seen as man’s best friend, they can be trained to help humans in many ways; seeing-eye dogs, to detect seizures, to support people with autism or anxiety and are used to help soldiers as well!
  5. Even the Beatles were dog lovers… rumour has it that Paul McCartney recorded a dog whistle tune at the end of the song ‘A Day in the Life’ just for his sheepdog!
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