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5 Supplements to get you through the winter
  1. Ultimate Oil. Through the winter horses can lose condition due the cold and lack of nutrients in the grass. Our Ultimate Oil has huge amount of vitamins and omega’s, great for keeping your horse in shape all winter!
  2. Super Hoof Powder. During the winter, hooves can become soft and cracked due to the wet weather. Equine America’s Super Hoof Powder can help support a healthy hooves, it contains high levels of Biotin, Zinc, Methionine and Sulphur. These ‘all active’ ingredients work quickly on cracked or damaged hooves, stimulating hoof growth and horn quality.
  3. Super So Kalm. Cold weather = fresh horses! Equine America’s Super So Kalm is available in  a powder for maintenance but also a paste as a top up for the windy days!
  4. Cortaflex High Strength with Super Fenn. Cold weather also = achey joints! If you’re anything like us – you’ll know yourself that knees a hips ache a lot more in the winter. Cortaflex with Superfenn is the perfect supplement to support healthy joints and has been formulated with older horses in mind!
  5. Aloe Vera Juice. Like humans, horses can get run down in the winter - our high quality organic aloe vera juice is sourced from the inner leaf of the plant. It has been shown to support a healthy immune system, and can be used a tonic for long term maintenance or a short immune boost!
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