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ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad White
ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad White
Price £158.99 inc VAT

ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad, Very discrete, 95% Shock-Absorbing, Wither and gullet clearance

The ThinLine Perfect Pad is the ultimate upgrade to our best-selling basic half pads. We’ve added a spine band, this creates a better wither and gullet clearance while keeping the shock-absorbing support right where it’s needed.

Designed in both our famous material, connected by a breathable, flexible mesh spine band.

Benefits and Features of our Perfect Fit Pad

  • Provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or rider feel
  • Very discrete design
  • Wither and gullet clearance
  • More breathable
  • Open-cell technology creates 100% breathability
  • Non-slip

Intentionally created for well-fitting saddles, neither of these pads will alter custom fit; they will enhance it by providing riders with the best protection. The ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad – English, works beautifully with dressage saddles and jumping saddles alike.

Purposefully, this pad is not shimmable.

What makes the ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad so Perfect?

The Perfect Fit Pad is designed with the famous ThinLine material which is 95% shock-absorbing! This combined with the Mesh band along the spine makes the pad more breathable and has a contoured spine channel.
This makes the pad just Perfect! Don’t you think so?

  • Doesn’t amplify the seat
  • Reduces rider movements
  • Designed for beginning riders
  • Perfect in high impact situations
  • Helps horses with sore backs
  • Endorsed by Veterinarians
  • Even for kissing spine.

It is the #1 choice of Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. 

  • ThinLine material reduces the aches and pains drastically
  • Reduces shocks, weight and heat
  • Our pads are 95% shock absorption
  • Both your horse and yourself can only benefit
  • ThinLine is the only saddle pad endorsed by Spinal Surgeons – See The Riders Pain-Free Back” by Dr. James Warson. 



  • Fits up to 16,5″ saddles and smaller
  • Spine length: 19,75″ – 41,90 cm
  • Across the widest part of the seat: 14,5″ – 36,85 cm


  • Fits most 17″ – 17.5″ saddles
  • Spine length: 21,75″ – 55,25 cm
  • Across the widest part of the seat: 16″ –  41 cm


  • Fits most 18″+ saddles
  • Spine length: 23,25″ – 59 cm
  • Across the widest part of the seat: 16,5″ – 42 cm

How do you take care of your ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad?

The ThinLine Perfect Fit pads require no care or washing. Just use a wet cloth after everyday use. Easy peasy!

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