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ThinLine+  Hoof Pad (Pair)
ThinLine+ Hoof Pad (Pair)
Price £25.00 inc vat

ThinLine Horse Hoof Protection Pads

  • Great for your emergency tack box – shoe off? protect with ThinLine
  • Relieves symptoms of arthritic joint and many hoof diseases
  • Excellent for horses with Navicular and Laminitis
  • Pads can be placed inside hoof boots for extra cushioning and support
  • Anti-microbial agents inhibit bacteria growth
  • Add pads to a hoof boot for abscesses or wrap onto the hoof with duct tape.

These shock absorbing horse pads are sold as a pair – you get two hoof pads per order.


7 1/4″ long and 6 1/8″ wide

The following instructions will be included with your ThinLine Hoof Pads for horses to give to your farrier. The use of a plastic pad under the ThinLine pad is recommended to keep out sand and stones.

Lost Shoe? No worries!  Duct tape this hoof shoe pad and you will provide comfort and support until your farrier arrives!

Use as frog inserts:

Cut a smaller piece of the ThinLine Hoof Pad for horses to fill in the frog area, then use double-sided tape or a small amount of dental impression material to attach the frog insert to the shoe and place it on the horse’s hoof. These frog pad for horses inserts will load while the foot is on the ground and relieve when unloaded.

Use with hoof boots:

Trim the pads to fit and simply place inside the boot. Please note that if the hoof boot is loose on your horse’s hoof, this will greatly increase the wear on your hoof pad.

Use as impact protection pad in combination with another pad (plastic/leather):
Place the slick side of the hoof pad against the other pad and keep the matte side against the horse’s hoof. For optimal results, replace pads at regular shoeing intervals.

Use as rim pads:

Glue the ThinLine Hoof Pad to the horseshoe, then cut around the shoe to create a rim of ThinLine protection

To relieve Laminitis and Navicular symptoms:

Use double-sided tape (ex. carpet tape) and stack the ThinLine Hoof Pads at the heel.

ThinLine Hoof Protection Pads





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