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ThinLine 2-Piece Halter Cheek Liners
ThinLine 2-Piece Halter Cheek Liners
Price £28.00 inc vat

The Halter Cheek Liners are the ultimate rubbing protection!

Benefits and Features of our ThinLine Halter Cheek Liners

  • Stays securely in place
  • Stays clean
  • Ultimate protection against rubs

Why will you love the Halter Cheek Liners?

Horse owners will adore its cleanliness and durability. Plus, sturdy hook and loop closures keep these securely in place. The cheek liners will make sure that your horse is most comfortable when wearing his halter. The liners will make sure that the halter doesn’t rub the skin.

Can I use the Halter Cheek Liners with every halter?

Yes, you can! You can make any halter a ThinLine Halter with the cheek liners. They are super easy to attach.

How big are the Halter Cheek Liners?

  • One size:  6″ – 15,25cm
  • Fits most: Cob, Horse, & Oversized halters

How do I take care of the Halter Cheek Liners?

That’s the best part! Forget all about washing! The ThinLine material stays clean and is designed to outlast your turnout halter.

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