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Perfectly blended for the optimum health, appearance and well-being of your horse.

  • Super concentrated, 10 times more effective at repelling flies and biting insects than other garlic products.
  • Stimulates the appetite, supports respiratory health, maintains healthy blood pressure, contains antioxidants and assists the immune system.
  • Higher stability of active ingredients than other garlic products.
  • 1ltr of KM elite Liquid Garlic = over 3kg of garlic granules.
  • 100% natural.

Why choose KM Elite Liquid Garlic?


  • As a liquid, our product offers maximum bio-availability which means it is absorbed more easily into the bloodstream and then moved quickly throughout the body to gain the highest level of benefit to your horse.
  • It offers a much higher stability of active ingredients than feeding granules or powder.
  • Easier to feed than dry forms of garlic.
  • Contains 25% more garlic oil than granules or powder.
  • Price per day is equal to less than granules or powder.
  • One litre of liquid is equivalent to 3kg of granules or powder.

Suitable for Poultry
Customer Testimonial:



"Absolutely love the Liquid Garlic.  It has really helped my horse with the midge and fly problem we have on our yard.  A lot of the horses have really suffered this year but a friend of mine who keeps her horse on the same yard, recommended I try it and I have to say, not only does my boy absolutely love it (which always helps as he can be quite fussy) but he seems to have suffered a lot less than other horses not on it.  I only wish it came in 5 litre containers!"


Many thanks and kind regards

Beverley Heynes


Size: 1 Ltr
Product Code: GLIQ


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