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Drybrow Hat Liners
Drybrow Hat Liners
Price £7.20 inc vat

Drybrow is a slimline liner that fits discreetly inside the front of your riding hat. It wicks away and prevents the build up of sweat on the inside of your hat. You can purchase them here in packs of 10.

How do Drybrow hat liners work?


Drybrows are made of a super absorbent polymer and permeable paper which ensures that it soaks up sweat and holds moisture. 

Why use Drybrow hat liners?


The build up of sweat, bacteria and grime can lead to irritation, spots and a musty smell building up in your hat. You can prevent this by using Drybrow hat liners. Prolong the life of your riding hat, minimise irritation and odours and enjoy working hard in your riding whilst Drybrow works just as hard at wicking away the results of your hard work!

'I highly recommend this product, if not for hygienic purposes, for general comfort

Andrew Gould 

Dressage Rider 




Simple, Easy-to use and affordable

  • Used and recommended many professional riders for day-to-day and competition use

  • Super Lightweight 

  • Very discreet 

  • Available in packs of 10


Placing your Drybrow hat liner






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