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Sharon Hunt
World Class Event Rider

I continue to be astounded by the difference the Stride Free saddles have made, both to my riding ability and my horses improved way of going. 

The main changes I have noticed are physically. For myself, my knees and back are now no longer sore . 

The movement and flexibility of the saddle allow me to move with the horse, rather than previously against, so I have become softer and more flexible myself, position is now better, encouraging a softer back. 

My horses backs are also so much softer. The flocking and small adjustments allow for an accurate and fully adjustable fit for each horse. The wider gullets make a huge difference, allowing more space for the spine and the immediate muscles to be developed. In the last few months of using the Stride Free  I’ve noticed they have more muscle tone and top line, but also softer bodies in general and far less physio needed.

I always use my own saddles on my clients horses, who come here for intensive training. I have noticed an instant, positive change on most of the horses and if its not instant , they all improve over a period of time . Becoming less guarded and generally softer and happily going more forwards. 

I am delighted to have found Stride Free saddles. I can’t speak  highly enough of them and the positive impact they’ve had in mine and my horse’s life .


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