• Formula 1 Pellets - 3.6kg



    Formula 1 PLUS CORTAFLEX® 3.6kg

    High performance horses need a high performance fuel. Formula 1 PLUS CORTAFLEX®, fed alongside an existing feeding regime will maximise performance and reduce the potential ill effects of training and competition. Formula 1 PLUS CORTAFLEX® pellets have been produced using a cold compress technique to preserve all of the nutritional benefits and with added oil to provide energy without additional starch.

    • Soothe, coat and protect the stomach.

    • Provide the essential vitamins and minerals for optimal condition and tissue regeneration

    • Supply probiotics to maximise food utilization and reduce stress on the hind gut

    • Increase energy and stamina, maximising performance and reducing recovery times

    • Build high quality muscle for strength and vigour

    • Increase bone density and strength

    • To protect joints, enhance flexibility and maximise concussion absorption

    Size: 3-6kg

    Product ref: FO2