• Apple Lytes Paste 30ml



    Apple Lytes 30ml

    'The' electrolyte for your horse or pony

    A special preparation of micro blended, fruit scented mineral salts to assist re-hydration and replenish vital body fluids and electrolytes after strenuous exercise. Apple Lytes is highly soluble and can be given in the feed or mixed into the drinking water without sinking. Apple Lytes was formulated by Bruce Snipes, creator of Cortaflex, who pioneered the feeding of electrolytes to horses in the 1960s.

    When should you feed Apple Lytes?

    Feed Apple Lytes Paste when away at shows or after competition, once the horse has recovered and is fully hydrated or as a convenient way of feeding electrolytes when away from home.

    How does it work?

    Apple Lytes replaces essential electrolyte salts lost through sweating. The main electrolyte lost is Sodium Chloride - salt. Therefore, any electrolyte replacement supplement should be salt based.

    Apple Lytes is an electrolyte replacement product and should only be used once the horse/pony is rehydrated. To aid hydration use Drink More.

    Feeding Directions:

    Administer 15ml contents into the horse's mouth on the back of the tongue.

    Size: 30ml Paste (2 servings)

    Product ref: AC4