“I have recently put some of my top competition horses onto Equine America So-Kalm products and what a difference it has made. They are quite sharp horses and would easily lose concentration and sometimes be tense in their work. Since putting them onto So-Kalm as part of their daily diet and using the So Kalm paste at competitions, I have found them easier to ride and happier in their work but without losing their star quality. I definitely recommend So Kalm to any rider.”

Andrew Gould International Dressage Rider & Trainer

“Formula 1 is the ultimate competition supplement. It contains six of Equine America’s top performance products including Cortaflex and saves time, space and cost in adding lots of supplements to their feeds. I feed it to all my top dressage horses and the results have been amazing. In my opinion it is without doubt the best competition supplement on the market.”

Andrew Gould- International Dressage Rider & Trainer

“Since I started using Cortaflex three years ago on my international horses their results have significantly improved! I swear by Cortaflex and now use it on the whole yard.”

Ellen Whitaker

Ellen Whitaker uses America's oldest and most trusted manufacturer of high quality horse clothing and accessories, Baker Blankets including the Baker Sheet, as well as Cortaflex.

Ellen Whitaker

“I use Formula 1 because I think my horses deserve the best. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to combine CORTAFLEX with many of the other great supplements within the Equine America range.”

Jessie Drea

I rate Equine America’s Formula 1 product as the best joint supplement on the market. It helps maintain my horses and keeps them on the road for top level performance. I wouldn’t be without it!

Piggy French European Silver Medal Winner

To keep my team sound and supple, I run them on Cortaflex HA Liquid and maintain them on Cortaflex Powder - and for myself I take Cortaflex capsules.”

Pippa Funnell and Primmore's Pride - Winners of Badminton 2005

Pippa Funnell MBE

“Since putting Amber on So-Kalm and Cortaflex she has become a more relaxed and supple mare.”

William Funnell and Cortaflex Amber Du Montois Winners of the 2005
De Havillande Holdings-sponsored Antonia Grand Prix

William Funnell

“I have found Cortaflex to be a great aid for joints, many of my horses are on it including Hedgehunter.”

Hedgehunter Winner of the 2005 Grand National

Willie Mullins

“I use Cortaflex because I believe it is the best joint supplement on the market.”

Zara Phillips