• British Dressage Preliminary Test Set 2015



    British Dressage Preliminary Test Set

    The Approved Official British Dressage Tests With Diagrams 2015

    A4 size and in a clear and concise layout.  
    These tests sheets with diagrams adjacent to each movement, are designed to help the rider understand and learn the movements of the dressage test more easily. 
    The visual diagrams make it easier to switch between tests and to refresh the test in your mind before riding it.
    They are laminated ensuring they are water, wind and tear-proof and ideal for outdoor use whatever the weather.

    Preliminary test set 200 includes the following test numbers:
    Introductory A, Introductory B (walk & trot tests)
    P1, P4, P7, P10, P12, P13, P14, P15, P18, P19

    Product ref: DTPR