Scottish & Northern Equestrian Competition

Two winners will receive a KM Elite Sheepskin Half Pad, GP High Comfort Wither Cotton Square Numnah and GP Sheepskins Girth Sleeve.

Leading UK and European equestrian product distributor KM Elite Products are delighted to team up with Scottish and Northern Horse in offering two lucky winners the chance to win Merino lambskin products from their new Distinction range. The high quality, versatile collection is already endorsed by International Rider and Trainer Andrew Gould and Professional Show Jumper Jessie Drae

Lined with 100% medicated Merino lambskin these are the most affordable yet highest quality product of its kind on the market. Lambskin encourages muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation whilst also wicking away sweat and keeping the horse cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

They have also ben designed to give the horse the ultimate in comfort with a front rolled high wither feature. All the saddlecloth and numnah range have strengthened girth strap protection area and double adjustable velcro straps for ease of saddle fitting

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