50 Xmas Gifts you really want

KM Elite Products in the top 50 Christmas present you really want this year...

All-Purpose Gloves

Tornado Contour is a new, multi-purpose yard gloves designed to last all winter. These gloves can be used for a range of yard jobs including mucking out as well as being suitable for riding. Designed for easy movement and continuous wear, they are lightweight but offer excellent protection.

Bug Armour and New Fetlock/Tendon boots

Cashel Crusader Bug Armour is Made from a light-weight, soft mesh to shield your horse from flying irritants on the trail or in the practice pen. Cleverly constructed and adjustable, Belly Guard easily connects to the saddle to provide full coverage without inhibiting the rider or effecting the horse's movements. Also, New for 2011 is KM ELITES high quality Airshock Fetlock and Tendon boots, which use a similar technology to that used by the sports company 'NIKE' in their trainers

Cashel Fly Masks & Breast Cancer

KM Elile Products are extremely proud to be supporting the 'PINK' campaign which raises vital funds towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

Christmas Gift Ideas for you and you horse

More Christmas gift ideas for you, and your horse including the KM Elite's Distinction sheepskin range.

Does Glucosamine Work?

Since the publication of research in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in September, some retailers have pondered how to respond to questions raised over the efficacy of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Equi-ping proves big hit with horse owners

Equi-Ping the product successfully launched at this year's BETA
and winner of the highly commended award for innovation is now
available to buy from KM Elite Products.

Equip-Ping a new safe way to tie you horse or Pony

The Equi-Ping offers horse owners a safe way to tie their horses and ponies at home or to horseboxes and trailers whilst at competitions.

ETN July Pink Campaign

KM Elite Products is supporting the 'PINK' campaign to raise funds towards finding the cure for breast cancer. For every Cashel fly mask purchased with the pink ears, the UK distributor will donate 5% of the RRP to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Eventing May 2011- KM Elite Half line comfort high wither saddlecloth

High-quality saddle pads made from 100% Merino lambswool which is tanalised using no harmful chemicals. The front rolled edge protects wither and allows saddle to fit comfortably, And the signature reinforced girth protection area with double velcro straps is designed for easy fitting. With optimum fit and a functional design, The sheepskin encourages muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. Fully breathable helping wick away sweat, whilst maintaining a soft comfortable contact with the horse. Keeping the horse cool during the summer and warm in the winter. This product can be used in conjunction with a saddle cloth.

Fly Control Products

Fly Repel Spray - New improved Fly Repel Spray with Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Lavender oils. Citronella extract and Ethyl Buthanol.

Fly Repel

Improved Fly Repel Spray - This replaces last year's Fly Repel with a new improved formulation which contains Lemongrass Oil, Teatree Oil, Lavender Oil, Citronella Extract and Ethyl Buthanol.

Free Sheepskin Wash worth £13.99

Valid until 04/03/2011

Buy a saddlecloth, numnah or half pad f rom the KM Elite distinction range and you'll receive a free bottle of Woolskin Sheepskin wash worth £13.99. The sheepskin wash is perfect for all wool products, keeping the soft texture and retaining the lustre of sheepskin gear.

Horse & Rider Cashel Pink Fly Mask Charity Round-up

KM elite has created a pink-eared version of the best-selling Cashel Fly Mask to raise money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Horse & Hound May 2011- Cashel Fly Masks

Cashel Fly Masks discourage flies from landing on the nose and irritating your horse. Each Cashel fly mask is hand-made in the USA by world leading horse fly mask manufacturer Cashel. All have the unique three-hole cap for ears and forelock that provides stability and a great fit.

KM Elite Distinction Dressage Pad & Cotton Square Set

Shop 4 Me ... A smart dressage pad...

KM Elite Distinction Sheepskin GP Saddle Square

KM Elite Products' new Distinction range is a high quality, versatile collection that uses 100% medicated Merino lambskin. This is designed to give the horse the ultimate in comfort with a front rolled high wither feature and a girth strap protection area.

KM Elite PINK Cashel Fly Mask

KM Elite Products are extremely proud to be supporting the 'PINK' campaign which raises vital funds towards finding the cure for breast cancer.

KM Elite Roller Ball Impulsion Spurs

The new KM Elite Stainless Roller Ball Impulsion Spur's are a top quality and non-marking spur...

KM Elite Sheepskin

Gifts for horse and dog.

KM Elite Sheepskin Distinction

The New Distinction Range, endorsed by Andrew Gould.

KM Elite Sheepskin GP & Dressage Half Pad Set

Leading UK and European equestrian product distributor KM Elite Products are delighted to team up with Scottish and Northern Horse in offering two lucky winners the chance to win merino
lambskin products from their new Distinction range.

KM Elite Simply The Best

Tried and tested products and Shop Smart - KM Elite Reviews

KM Elite Supports PINK Campaign & KM Elite Simply the Best

KM Elite Products are extremely proud to be supporting the 'PINK' campaign which raises vital funds towards finding the cure for breast cancer.

Also, other fantastic products from KM Elite


Prevention is easier than cure and especially so in those equines with a history of previous laminitis attacks. Herbal product support can be a valuable part of prevention but, importantly, can also be an effective method of helping the recovery of equines with laminitis alongside,
following on from or instead of conventional veterinary therapy as circumstances see fit.

Local Rider Magazine Fly Repel Spray

New this year, Fly Repel with a new improved formulation...

Make You & Your Horse Comfortable

Products to make you and your horse comfortable.

New Products!

New products for your horse.

Scottish & Northern Equestrian Competition

Two winners will receive a KM Elite Sheepskin Half Pad, GP High Comfort Wither Cotton Square Numnah and GP Sheepskins Girth Sleeve...

Scottish & Northern Equestrian In the Pink

KM Elite product, are extremely proud to be supporting the PlNK campaign which raises vital funds towards finding the cure for breast cancer.

Show Jumping Essential Kit

If you are into show jumping, here's all the esstential kit you will need, Whatever your budget. Incuding KM Elites Fetlock and Tendon Boots.

Solarsport Equine 30 Superior

Unlike human sunscreens, Solarsport Equine 30 Superior is specifically designed to provide maximum UVA (Aging Rays) & UVB (Burning Rays) sun protection for your horse, whilst greatly reducing the chance of Skin Cancer, skin irritations and the usual problem of depleting low suncare performance.

Solarsport Equine 30 Superior takes away long-standing suncare problems in an instant. It's a luxury instant absorption sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor(spf) of 30 and a Superior 4 Star rating. Sinking into the skin in seconds, it leaves an invisible moisturised, long lasting sun protectorant film. Its so easy to apply too,with a unique user-friendly soft applicator pad - simply squeeze & smooth in.

Sooth Itch 3 in 1 Cream

Sooth Itch 3 in 1 Cream has a formulation which contains Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Pure Chamomile Oil, Citrapel...

Soothe the Itch!

Sweet Itch is one of the most frustrating conditions for horse and their owners, and it can be very difficult to treat...

Tornado Contour Gloves

KM Elite Products are delighted to launch their new multi-purpose yard glove - the Tornado Contour - a must have for this winter.

Whats New in Haynets, Fly Repel and Sheepskin

What's new in Haynets - see our pink haynet. Also fly protection, Fly Repel and our website being your one stop shop for equine requirements.

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