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Thursday, April 07, 2016



We have a wide variety Fly Masks, Fly Repellents, Grazing Muzzles and many other products to prepare you for the summer; 


*NEW* KM Elite Fleece Fly Mask With Detachable Nose - Due in 21st April 


KM Elite Fly Horse Masks

-Designed for protection, comfort and durability 

-Black mesh with black trim. 

-50%  UV protection 

Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL Long With Ears


Long nose with ears Horse mask

Long nose with ears Fly Mask 

£15.99   Shop Now

Standard With Ears Horse mask

Standard horse mask with ears£14.99   Shop Now

KM Elite Space Horse Fly Mask With Detachable Nose

Space horse fly mask with detachable nose£24.99     Shop Now


                    Fly Repellents

Fly repellents 

                       SHOP NOW

Fly Repellent Supplements

Garlic Granules 1kg & 3kg

Garlic Liquid 1ltr


Sooth Itch Cream 


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