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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

FLY PROTECTION Buy any FLY MASK off KM ELITE website receive a FREE SOLAR SUNSCREEN for horses


Buy any FLY MASK off the KM ELITE website and receive a FREE SOLAR SUNSCREEN for horses worth £9.99, whilst stocks last.

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A fly mask  is a type of mask that is used by horse owners on their horses to cover the eyes, jaw, and sometimes the ears and muzzle to protect the horse from irritation from flies . Marks are semi-transparent and usually made from a mesh thus   allowing the horse to still see and hear  whilst wearing it. Some masks may also provide some protection from UV lights. Fly and mosquito protection is a very important part of equine care , this is because biting insects can not only be very irritating for the horse but they can also transmit diseases. 

A standard fly mask is not usually used when riding your horse as the design can interfere with the bridle and the minimal visual impairment of the mesh presents a safety issue.

It is also recommended that a fly mask is taken off and inspected daily, they should also be washed regularly. Some horse owners also remove the fly mask at night.

Non horse owners are often concerned when they see a horse wearing a fly mask as it can appear that the horse has been blindfolded. However this is not true as even a durable mesh is fine enough for the horse to be able to see through it.

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