Ultimate Oil Testimonials

I have been feeding my horses Ultimate Oil for about a month now. I have seen a real difference in their coats and skin. It's reassuring to know that with Ultimate Oil my horses are receiving such high quality vitamins and minerals to help them feel good and perform at their very best.

David Rumsey, International Dressage Rider 


Since trialling Ultimate Oil on my international horses, I now feed it to the entire yard from youngsters to Grand Prix horses. It certainly helps to keep my horses healthy and in excellent condition. I've noticed their coats improve and they look fantastic. The oil is non heating, so it has been brilliant to feed to the youngsters, providing them with extra nutrition without making them fresh. It is completely natural, cold pressed and the highest quality. 

Steven Franks, International Show Jumper 


I have been giving Ultimate Oil to a mare with summer itch and it only took a few weeks to see an improvement! I must say the horses are looking great and their performances are much improved.

Constantin Van Rijckevorsal, International Event Rider