• Uls-Gard Regular Solution 4Ltr



    Uls-Gard Regular Strength Solution 4ltr

    A calcium based supplement containing neutralising alkaline agents to gently soothe and coat the stomach lining, making it ideal for horses under stress, on high grain diets or that have a sensitive stomach.

    Tell Tale Signs of Ulceration:-

    • Dull coat
    • Irritable
    • Loss of weight and condition
    • Yawning or gulping excessively
    • Pain when 'girthing up'
    • Windsucking
    • Loose droppings

     How does it work?

    Uls-Gard works in four ways:-

    • By neutralising acid in the stomach with effective anti-acids
    • Soothing and coating the stomach lining
    • Healing any underlying ulcers
    • Firming stools


    Feeding Directions:-

    Feed Uls-Gard with the horses regular feed or give orally. For an average 500kg horse, feed 60ml twice daily for the first 60 days.

    For maintenance: Feed 30ml twice daily

    For Foals: Feed 30ml twice daily

    For maximum benefit, feed an additional 30ml prior to exercise or competition.

    Size: 4ltr

    Product ref: UGS

    Uls-Gard was found to be the most effective and affordable treatment by the 'Horse Journal' when compared with other brands and is the only ulcer supplement to undergo intensive trials. Please click on link below for before and after results.