• Liver Flush



    Liver Flush

    Why should you feed Liver Flush?

    • To support the vital functions performed by a healthy liver
    • To reduce harmful toxins taken in natural feed
    • To help protect healthy liver cells
    • Beneficial for horses or ponies grazed on pastures at risk of Ragwort
    How does it work?
    Liver Flush solution is a unique combination of natural ingredients to support the vital functions performed by a healthy liver.
    Liver Flush solution will help to protect the liver cells and support the healthy liver processes relating to digestion, metabolism and the storage of important nutrients, tissue regeneration and the reduction of toxins from the horses' body.
    Feeding Directions:
    For a 500kg horse, per day: 25ml twice daily - Maximum per day 50ml
    Feed less for smaller horses & ponies and more for larger breeds
    For more technical information please click here
    500ml - 10 days for an average sized horse