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Tubtrug ® Multi Purpose Bin 100Ltr The Tubtrug ® Multi Purpose Bin has a capacity of 100Ltr, is robust and very hard wearing. The raised footer means it won’t wear through quickly when dragged. Keeps wet things wet and dry things dry. Padlock and chain can be looped through handle to prevent contents spilling if knocked over. Tubtrug ® 90Ltr Multi-Tub™ Circular or Rectangular Multi-Tubs™ are an excellent range of large rigid containers. The 100% recycled material will not crack in frost or degrade in sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor use. They are ideal as small ponds or reservoirs. Other uses are hydroponics, mortar tubs, garden wet areas, patio planters, animal troughs, waterfowl paddlers, aquatic plant containers etc. Colour: Black Lid clips securely in place. Hard-wearing and sturdy construction. Equine Speedskip The Equine Speedskip is a British made product which allows you to perform the mucking out process more quickly and effectively. The rake is the correct length to get the necessary pressure needed to remove the manure whilst minimising the strain on your wrist, elbow, shoulder and back. In a short space of time you will become very quick at mucking out, reducing bedding wastage and saving you lots of time and energy. More time for riding! YARD ESSENTIALS CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Ideal for surfaces such as: Shavings, Straw, Hemp, Paper, Concrete Yards, Grass, Paddocks, Arena Surfaces Innovative design: Easygrab rake - reduces bedding waste as it is easy to remove only the manure, leaving the bedding intact. Quick and cost effective. Large skip: Generous sized skip with wide opening for ease of filling, and fewer trips to the wheelbarrow. Quick and easy to use: Made from robust materials designed to meet a demanding workload. Saves time. Reduces bedding costs. Easy storage: Keeps the rake with the skip using the Speedskip slot. 92