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1, NEW KM Elite Extra Strong 40” Deluxe Haynets Probably one of the strongest, most durable and luxurious hay nets on the market today. The KM Elite Deluxe Haynet is made of polyethylene, steel rings/hooks and other thicker than normal materials, to ensure it will weather harsh seasonal conditions and general usage, year after year. Hole size: 2” Capacity: 6.5kg Colours: Black, Hot Green, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Pastel Blue, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Yellow NEW 1 YARD ESSENTIALS CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: 2 2, KM Elite 23” Small Travel/Pony Haynets Ideal for laminitic horse or ponies and ideal to keep in your lorry for travelling. Hole size: 1.5” Colours: Black, Hot Green, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Purple 3 NEW 3, KM Elite Extra Strong 40” Two Colour Haynets: Hole size: 2” Capacity 6.5kg Colours: Black/Hot Green, Black/Hot Pink, Black/Pastel Blue 88