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R DIGESTIVE FOR GASTRIC HEALTH IN HORSES & PONIES MAINTENANCE SUPPLY FOR AN AVERAGE HORSE PER LITRE FOR STOMACH HEALTH SUPPORT As a result of the environment, work and the feeding regimes that domestic horses are exposed to, the stomach can become irritated and sensitivities can occur. This results in a loss of condition and performance - Uls-Gard™ contains ingredients to soothe and coat the stomach providing support against these stresses. O OF X ® S ER E AK L M F E A TH T SOLUTION 2 MONTHS BY C ULS-GARD ™ To support the gastric health of all types of horses and ponies, Uls-Gard has been developed as an inexpensive supplement which can be fed continually to achieve healthy performance in the stomach by coating and soothing the stomach lining. 1Ltr & 4Ltr Solution, also available as 1.6kg Pellets. Find out more about the full Equine America range: 01403 255 809 cortaflexuk or equineamerica Products that really work!