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Thiamine B1™ Solution Thiamine B1 is produced in the horse’s gut as well as being available in the horse’s diet and is involved in the enzyme system that releases energy from stored carbohydrates. A lack of Thiamine B1 can cause a loss of appetite and reduced energy, and in these circumstances, it may be necessary to feed Thiamine B1. Thiamine B1 may also be supplemented after the use of antibiotics as they can upset the bacteria in the hind gut where Thiamine B1 is produced. 4Ltr (a four month supply) Multivitamins for your horse Everyday Vitamin & Minerals Supplement Provides Daily Vitamins, Minerals and Pre-biotics EV&MS is an ideal addition to any feeding regime providing essential vitamins and minerals and trace elements in a pre-biotic base to support good health and condition. EV&MS provide great value while maintaining top product performance. EV&MS can be used as an economic vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies in low level work. For optimum overall health and condition use V-Biotic. If your horse is lacking in energy, use Pro-Pell Plus. 1260g (a six week supply) VITAMINS & MINERALS CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Vitamin C™ Powder Vitamin C is involved in the transfer of iron and is vital to the normal formation of collagen, an essential structure of skin and connective tissue. Horses synthesise their own Vitamin C and this, along with Vitamin C gained through green leafy forage, is normally considered sufficient. However, your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise if additional Vitamin C is necessary. 908g (a two month supply) 66