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Ventilator™ Powder This brand new addition to the Equine America product range is for horses with serious breathing problems. It opens up the airways fast and naturally. 454g (a one month supply) Airways ® Xtra Strength Powder Airways ® Solution Aids Upper Respiratory Health and Promotes Breathing To Open the Airways Prior to Competition or Hard Work Airways ® Xtra Strength Powder opens the airways and eases breathing. Should be added to the daily feed for horses stabled for long periods or those who are experiencing low level congestion, or irritation from dust in bedding and hay. For lower respiratory health or laboured breathing, a course of Coff-Less is recommended before maintaining on Airways ® Xtra Strength Powder or use Coff-Less permanently for long term concerns. 454g (a one month supply) Airways ® Solution is a glycerine-based pre- competition mouthwash with menthol and honey to coat and dilate the airways and encourage maximum airflow. Airways ® Solution is very palatable and will easily pass down the throat and should be administered into the corner of the mouth using a syringe. 473ml (31 servings) Bleader Gard ® Powder and Paste Mojo Paste™ Essential Support to the Lungs and Blood Vessels To Support Lungs and Blood Vessels and Provide Calming to Competition Horses RESPIRATORY CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Bleader Gard ® should be fed daily to horses in strenuous training and competition and ‘topped up’ on the day of competition with Bleader Gard ® Paste. 908g (a two month supply at maintenance) Bleader Gard ® Paste Competition horses can experience varying levels of physical and mental stress, placing extreme pressure on the lungs and blood vessels. Mojo Paste also has a calming effect. Mojo can be used alongside Bleader Gard ® Powder for ultimate support or alone for horses with clear airways. Mojo has recently been reformulated to work on a time release basis so it can be given up to 8 hours pre-race. 30ml Paste (1 x 30ml serving) 30ml Paste (3 x 10ml servings) 61