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CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Progest™ Powder Pro-Biotic Weight Gain Supplement The horses’ hind gut is full of bacteria which aid the breakdown and digestion of fibre. Stress from training, competition, a change in management, yard or food, can have a negative effect on this, reducing the horse’s ability to digest and absorb food correctly. Progest contains yeast products which aid the bacteria in the hind gut, optimising digestion and, therefore, increasing the nutrients gained from the food. Progest should also be given after any treatment with antibiotics as these will affect the population of hind gut bacteria. Progest should be fed daily as a course in the situations stated above. However, pro-biotics are considered beneficial to any horse in a domestic situation. In these circumstances, V-Biotic provides a balance of essential vitamins and minerals in combination with Progest, plus Echinacea and Turmeric for a more complete supplement. 908g (a one month supply at maintenance) Sand-Out™ Pellets A Digestive Aid for Horses or Ponies Grazing Sandy Pastures Soil and pasture vary greatly throughout the UK. If a horse grazes on a sandy pasture, small amounts of sand and dirt will inevitably be ingested which, over time, may build up in the gut. DIGESTIVE Sand-Out should be fed for one week each month to horses or ponies grazing on sandy pastures. Sand-Out contains multi-active fibre in the form of Psyllium Husks. As Sand-Out passes through the digestive tract, the microscopic hooks on the Psyllium Husks effectively scoop up the sand particles, and along with effective system lubricants, help them to pass through the digestive system. A veterinary surgeon may also recommend Sand-Out in other situations, and will advise accordingly. 2.2kg (2 x 7 day course) Uls-Gard™ Competition horses are subject to stress from schooling, travelling and work load. This combined with large amounts of concentrated feed can result in the stomach becoming irritated and sensitive, resulting in a loss of condition and performance. Uls-Gard contains ingredients to soothe and coat the stomach, providing support against these stresses. For Total Gastric Health Uls-Gard should be added to each feed for all competition horses, and those on high concentrate diets. Uls-Gard can continue to be fed whilst the horse is in competition. When mixed into a paste, Uls-Gard can be given orally to scouring foals. 1.6kg Pellets (a 40 day supply at maintenance). 1Ltr Regular Solution, 4Ltr and 20Ltr 57