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® CANINE & FELINE JOINTCARE FOR DOGS AND CATS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF HEALTHY JOINTS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT AS PART OF A BALANCED DIET FORTIFIED WITH HYALURONIC ACID CANINE & FELINE CORTAFLEX® RANGE REGULAR STRENGTH To prolong joint mobility, feed Cortaflex® Joint Care sooner rather than later, especially those breeds with associated weaknesses - even 6 months old isn’t too early to start. A 160g container will last the average dog 120 days, but Cortaflex® Joint Care is more than just a maintenance product. It is also recommended for general care or the management of stiff joints, or to maintain condition after using the Premium range. Available in 160g Wear and tear can be exaggerated by breed conformation and growth spurts. Feed young animals, especially those breeds with associated weakness, Canine & Feline Cortaflex® as part of their daily routine to support healthy joints for life. Available in 236ml, 1 Ltr, 120g, 60x200mg capsules We have combined our premium Cortaflex HA with Super Fenn, a natural anti inflammatory, to support sound, comfortable joint health and mobility. Available 270g 50 1 2 SUPER STRENGTH PLUS HA SUPER FENN HA CORTAFLEX CANINE CORTAFLEX CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: