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CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: “I use the KM Elite Air Shock tendon and fetlock boots on all my competition horses. The innovative air cushion technology and special hardness impact areas give protection and support where needed. In my opinion these are the best and most affordable brand on the market today.” Philippe Le Jeune Show Jumping World Champion 2011 KM Elite Air Shock Tendon and Fetlock Boots One of the toughest, lightest tendon boots on the market today, KM Elite Air Shock boots are the first choice for many professional show jumpers. These high quality boots are made to competition standards at an affordable price for every rider. The blue areas illustrate air flow through special vents and the air cushion under the strike area. • Innovative air cushion and extra thick strike areas absorb impact to protect the tendons and fetlocks • Durable, lightweight technology which helps performance • Dual hardness outer shell strike area to accommodate air cushions for ultimate protection BOOTS & BANDAGES • Vented Neoprene liner and outer shell to help air flow and provide an exit for heat to aid cooling • Double locking Velcro™ straps for extra security • Certified BASF ® TPU German quality and conforms to FEI rules for young horses Colours: Graphite, Brown, Black, White Used byAndrew Gould Professional Dressage Rider and Trainer of Cortaflex ® Varisto 15