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CONTACT US: 01403 732129 | WWW.POINT-TWO.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: P2-RS Hybrid Covers Made in lycra to fit comfortably and elegantly in your own design and colours. Transform your P2-RS with eye catching and unique designs. The cover fits snugly over the P2-RS with a zip at the front and a hole to button feed the lanyard through. Personalise your cross country colours. Easily interchangeable to refresh your image. Hard wearing and machine washable. Contact Point Two for quote on custom colours. Servicing Look after your Point-Two and your Point-Two will look after you. Send your air jacket in for a service annually, after six inflations or after a particularly heavy fall. We will remove the airbag and verify its integrity and wash your vest. If there are any weaknesses, we will replace the air bag free of charge. All Point-Two air jackets come with a lifetime warranty on the air bag component. The warranty is subject to the jacket being serviced annually by Point-Two. Mail your vest to our address listed below. We require only the vest and lanyard for servicing. Do not send canisters or saddle strap. Point-Two will remove the air bag to check for any “unseen” weaknesses from use and replace it for free if necessary. We look for tears, punctures and creases and test it with a compressor to ensure that it inflates fully and deflates at the appropriate rate. We will also wash your shell and give you the option to change it for another colour, or in the case of the Child’s ProAir, a larger size. We do our utmost to ensure that your air jacket is as reliable as the first day you bought it. Servicing Department: Please include contact information, requested service and expedited shipping needs if required. We will contact you with any questions. We aim to service your jacket within 48 hours of receiving it. For more details visit our servicing page at: 01403 732128 Point-Two Air Jackets Unit 7 Lawson Hunt Business Park Broadbridge Heath West Sussex, RH12 3JR Air bag before servicing Air bag after servicing 143