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CONTACT US: 01403 732129 | WWW.POINT-TWO.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Point-Two Canisters Replacement or extra canister that fits your Point-Two air jacket. Canisters are available as 50cc or 60cc. Please ensure you select the correct one for your jacket type. • The 60cc canisters fit: Adult ProAir S, M, L, XL / Child ProAir L / P2RS Adult XS, S, M, L, XL / PointTwo Model D. • The 50cc canisters fit: Child ProAir M, S / Child Hybrid XL / Hippios (all sizes). • There are two fitment types - SCREW fitting and BAYONET fitting. • All jackets supplied before 1 October 2012 will be the screw fitting type. Screw Bayonet Saddle Attachment Foam Back Pad Adjustable nylon stirrup strap that loops between the stirrup hooks - complete with ‘D’ ring. For additional spine protection – fits ProAir and Hunter models post 2012 - Meets EN 1621-2 standard. Bungee Lanyard 142