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CONTACT US: 01403 732129 | WWW.POINT-TWO.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: PS-RS Hybrid This revolutionary vest is the world’s first integrated combination of a BETA level 3 body protector and air jacket. The P2-RS is built on the “chassis” of the Racesafe body protector with the added protection of Point-Two air vest technology incorporated into the garment. This vest is approved for use in competitions and endorsed by top event riders. It works much like a ProAir. A lanyard attached to the jacket is clipped onto an attachment on the saddle. Once the rider leaves the saddle during a fall, the lanyard detaches itself from the vest, triggering the release of CO2 from the canister, inflating the airbag. The P2-RS will hold a rider tight for 15-20 seconds and then slowly deflate. Rigourous checks have been made on the inflated P2-RS to ensure it does not impede riders should they need to roll away from danger when on the ground. The P2-RS is more comfortable, convenient and nearly 20% lighter than using a separate body protector and air vest- as required for cross country. Adult’s Size Chart CXL XS S M L XL 49.5 54 54 56 60.5 61.5 Rider Chest (cm) 76.5-83.5 80-88 Rider Waist (cm) 72-77 73-80 77-84 84-91 91-100 101-110 Waist to Waist Over Shoulder (cm) 75-83 84-93 84-93 84-93 94-104 94-104 Std. Back Length (cm) 140 83.5-91.5 91.5-101 100-110 110-120