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CONTACT US: 01403 732129 | WWW.POINT-TWO.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: FAQS Inwards versus outwards inflation? - The air jacket is like a balloon, it will inflate both inwards and outwards. If it didn’t inflate inwards it would not hold the body in the event of a fall. A jacket that inflated outwards only, would simply get pushed away from the body at the point of impact, offering very limited protection. How do I know that I will be comfortable with an inflation? - All vests are sold with an extra canister so that you can experience it before you leave the store. What happens if I tear the airbag? Do I have to purchase a new Point-Two? - No, you can have your jacket serviced and if there is anything wrong with the air bag, we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked. Adult’s ProAir colours: Black Emerald Green Racing Green Navy Brown Royal Blue Pale Blue Burgundy Purple Hi Viz Red Pink 133