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CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: 5, Smart Manes GROOMING Using the same principle as the Smart Tails rakes, these have a slightly wider blade width of 3” and are brilliant on thick unruly manes, especially on natives and horses which are not going to be plaited. Takes replacement blades and is interchangeable. Choice of two blades: Course-Medium, Medium-Fine 5 6, Smart Coats Choice of 2 blades: Course, Fine 7, Curved Trimming Scissors - 6” 8, Double Leg Thinning Scissors - 6” 9, Curved Fetlock Scissors - 7½“ 6 10, Quick Unpick Makes un-plaiting easy. Ensures the mane doesn’t get cut whilst removing plaits. 11, Wooden Handle Quarter Marking Comb Fine metal comb with plastic handle. Perfect size for quarter marking. Using the same principle as Smart Manes, these have a wider blade width of 5”. Brilliant for removing the winter undercoat. Takes replacement blades and is interchangeable. They do not give a smooth clipped finish but do leave the coat tidy. 7 12, Double Sided Mane Comb Double sided for plaiting, pulling and quarter-marking. 8 13, Velcro™ Cleaner A Handy tool for cleaning hairs and rubbish from your Velcro fastenings. 9 14, Thinning Knife Excellent for giving a mane a level finish without it looking like it has been cut and ideal for fine manes which just need shortening. Blades: Coarse, Fine 14 10 12 13 11 111