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CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Small Body Brush Made from two types of natural horse hair bristle, but small in size for children or as a handy brush for using around the head. Large Mane/Tail Massage Brush This large paddle type brush is made from hardwood with ‘wooden’ pegs. This is a great multi-use brush for both massaging the coat and for manes and tails. Comes with a hessian strap on the back and a leather loop for hanging the brush. Antistatic function. Goat Hair Brush These brushes are made from the softest goat’s hair – a quality brush that your horse will love. Use as an overall finishing brush. Available in Medium and Large. Webbing-strap to make it comfortable to hold. A fantastic brush for professional horse care and for final finish. Sizes: S, M, L Mex Fibre Flick Brush Hoof/Bucket Scrub Brush A multipurpose brush with 50mm long Mexican fibre, allowing deep grooming. Shaped for ease of use. Firm natural bristles. Ideal for naturally kept horses. Made from bassine, a naturally coarse fibre, this brush is tough and great for using on dirty feet and perfect for scrubbing out buckets. It also has a leather loop for hanging the brush. Metal Curry Comb Hoof Oil Clipper Brush The traditional, original curry comb is back! So easy to use when cleaning off body brushes. Ideal for applying hoof oil or cleaning your clippers. GROOMING Barefoot Hoof Pick and Brush Designed to get stubborn grit and dirt out. Ideal for barefoot horses. Two grades of brush. Stiff side for grit, softer brush for legs. Stubby Hoof Pick Brush Ideal for applying hoof oil or cleaning your clippers. 109