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GROOMING CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Borstiq Brush Range The Borstiq range includes beautifully shaped, quality brushes made in Sweden, ergonomically designed for ease of use and extremely light to hold. Borstiq Banana Brushes A beautifully shaped, quality brush, designed for ease of use and light to hold. Wooden backed. The Banana Brush is available in a choice of 3 bristle options: • Bassine natural brushes for the Dandy brush • Polypropylene bristles for the Medium finish • The softest horse hair bristles for the Finishing brush Borstiq Banana Brush Kit • Banana: Fine, Medium, Dandy • Medium Ergo Hair/Massage Brush • Hoof Pick with Stud Spanner • Hessian Bag Medium Ergo Hair/ Massage Brush Hoof Pick and Stud Spanner Natural Hair Body Brush Adjustable - Medium Made from hardwood with ergo shaped handle and wooden pegs for bristles. Great for massage and on manes and tails. Also suitable for grooming cats and dogs. A neat little dual purpose tool with leather hanging thong. A high quality traditional body brush made with two types of natural horsehair bristle. Beechwood backed with an adjustable leather strap with metal buckle. Medium / Large 98