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GROOMING CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: KM Elite Champion Black & Champion White A professional concealer used to cover marks, last minute stains, scars and stray hairs, or to add definition to legs. To use, spray directly on to the coat or apply using a soft cloth, allow to dry for a few seconds, then brush off any excess. Champion Black and Champion White dry to a matt finish. When dry, to enhance the shine on the body, sparingly apply a top coat of Champion Sparkle & Shine. • The ultimate showing and whitening products • Ideal for last minute show touch ups • Covers blemishes, marks, scars, stains and stray hairs • Champion Black adds definition to dark legs • Champion Whit™ whitens socks and eliminates yellow staining KM Elite Champion Sparkle & Shine Provides an all over glossy shine to your horse’s coat, neck, plaits and quarters. It will enhance and sharpen any points, enriching the depth of colour and shine, resulting in the ultimate professional finish. Will even put a glisten into a grey’s tail. Quick and easy to use in final preparation. Excellent for ‘fixing’ quarter markings. KM Elite Champion Highlighter A clear facial highlighter which illuminates, enhances and defines eyes, muzzle and bone structure giving the finishing touch to show ring turnout. Creates an eye catching glisten and glimmer. A little goes a long way. • Accents eyes and muzzle, highlights facial bone structure • Contains sunscreen 97