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YARD ESSENTIALS CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: 4 3 1, Future Fork The world’s strongest shaving fork! Long, comfortable aluminium ‘D’ grip handle, allows a superior work posture, reduces strain on the back. Ultra lightweight (only 0.9kg) strengthened polymer heads with angled sides and rear keeps the load in place. Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Lilac, Black 2, Borstiq Farmers Broom Undoubtedly the best stable broom on the market. This broom gives a real flick action and gives the yard a spotless finish. Light to hold and use. 50cm wide. 130cm long nylon black bristles, close set for the best reach. 2 3, Mega Corn Broom Great for sweeping out those nooks and crannies. Hard wearing good quality broom. 4, Corn Broom A firm favourite for barn users in America. Now available in the UK. This lightweight corn broom is made of 100% natural fibre and is particularly good for sweeping out the nooks and crannies as well as general yard use. Total length including handle 1400mm 88 1