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BY O R OF X ® S ER E AK L M F E A TH T C MOUTH & ™ BIT BALM SKINCARE MOISTURISES & PROTECTS YOUR HORSE’S MOUTH 100% NATURAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-FUNGAL Equine America Mouth & Bit Balm ™ is a blend of highly palatable, natural ingredients containing more than 10 premium grade essential health oils, butters and waxes s When liberally applied in the corners of the mouth, or along the underside of the bit, this softening balm will moisturise and protect dry areas of your horse’s mouth. It provides acceptance and comfort of the bit, supporting performance training and helping to achieve a more responsive and happier horse – as well as helping young horses to mouth. 100g or 14g sizes available Made from a complex blend of natural ingredients which have been chosen for their ability to support the health, suppleness and softness of your horse's mouth. Formulated without animal products, parabens, Polyethylene Glycol, sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, harsh irritants or toxic chemicals. Find out more about the full Equine America range: 01403 255 809 cortaflexuk or equineamerica Products that really work!