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Blackdraw™ Blackdraw, containing Ichthammol, can be used as a topical application or hoof draw. A favourite with farriers and vets in the USA. 400g Citronella Summer Horse Spray™ An effective coat conditioner containing Lanolin and Aloe Vera with essential oils including Citronella, Eucalyptus and Cedar Wood. Horse Spray will leave your horses coat and skin healthy and supple with a pleasant Citronella aroma. 1ltr and 4 ltr Equi-Lin™ Sarc-Away™ For Muscles and Limbs after Exercise Skincare An invigorating, aromatic solution containing Menthol, Oils of Cedarwood, Worm Wood, Spike, Thyme and Rosemary to soothe muscles and limbs. Equi-Lin, when mixed with water, creates a stimulating and refreshing ‘all over’ wash for muscles and limbs following strenuous exercise. Contains no Camphor. A gel to support and encourage healthy skin conditions in horses and ponies. Sarc-Away Paste contains safe and gentle ingredients with disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties which assist the de-clogging of the pores and supports natural skin regeneration. EXTERNAL APPLICATION CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Sarc-Away Paste may be applied regularly for a period of up to three months as necessary, and the horse or pony may be fed Emune Solution during this time to support the immune system. 3.8 ltr Derma Gel™ Mouth & Bit Balm Protection and Skin Care: The number one herbal skin hydrogel, for intensive and rapid skin care, plus a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants. Derma Gel provides and maintains a moist epidermal environment with the ability to help clean and deride necrotic tissue, encourage natural hair re-growth and maximise skin smoothness. Available in a spray, ideal for very sensitive areas, and as a gel in a unique pump dispenser, which keeps Derma Gel free from contaminants and spillage. Skincare A blend of highly palatable and natural essential oils, butters and waxes which moisturise and heal dry, cracked, hard and calloused areas of your horse’s mouth, encouraging acceptance and comfort of the bit and helping young horses to mouth. Sizes: 14g, 100g Derma Gel does not contain steroids and is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and competition horses. 50ml Spray, 100ml Gel Pump Dispenser 71