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O R OF X ® S ER E AK L M F E A TH T C BY LAMIGARD ™ HOOFCARE TRT SOLUTION FOR HORSES PRONE TO LAMINITIS 2 MONTHS MAINTENANCE SUPPLY FOR AN AVERAGE HORSE PER LITRE TO SUPPORT HOOF HEALTH Lamigard TRT™ is a highly effective supplement for the horse or pony which is prone to Laminitis, and can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. Lamigard TRT™ ™ will ensure your horses hooves stay healthy all year round and will complement a careful feeding regime. Lamigard TRT™ contains powerful ingredients to help mop up excess free radicals which settle in the hoof, supporting a healthy enzyme level within the hooves and providing nutrients to the internal sensitive e structures, as well as promoting external hoof wall condition. Lamigard TRT™ can be fed to the in-foal and lactating mare. For horses and ponies prone to laminitis which are on a restricted diet, feed V-Biotic alongside Lamigard TRT™, to ensure that key nutritional requirements are met. 1Ltr Solution, also available as 454g & 908g Powder & 60ml XXXtreme Paste. Find out more about the full Equine America range: 01403 255 809 cortaflexuk or equineamerica Products that really work!