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FIRST AID CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Splintex Derma Gel & Spray Silver: Formulated for use on fresh splints. Fresh splints may typically be up to 60 days after initial appearance. Total rest of the horse during treatment is very important. It should be applied very lightly and bandaged. The number one herbal skin hydrogel, for intensive and rapid skin care, plus a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants. Derma Gel does not contain steroids and is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and competition horses. 30ml Gold: Formulated for hardened splints and other indications such as curbs, spavins, thorough pins and windgalls. Requires no lay-ups, resting or bandaging and can be used without interruption during showing, conditioning and training. Will not irritate or blister. Applicator brush included. 100ml Pump, 50ml Spray 60ml Miracle Hoof Grow Ritchey Purple Spray A topical preparation for helping promote the rapid growth of horses hooves. Ever popular Purple Spray offering effective disinfecting of cuts and grazes. 156g Ritchey Dynamint Muscle Rub Naturally effective soothing balm containing peppermint, calendula and tea tree. KM ELITE PRODUCTS 84 500ml 500ml Sore No-More Itchnomore Blackdraw Voted ‘Best All Purpose Liniment’ by the Horse Journal, to soothe and relax tired ligaments, muscles and tendons. Itchnomore soothes irritation, reduces scurfy skin and encourages healthy hair condition - apply every other day for maximum benefit. Blackdraw, containing Ichthammol, can be used as a topical application or hoof draw. A favourite with farriers and vets in the U.S.A. 473ml 300g 400g