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KM Elite Mane and Tail Brushes NEW Equi-Shave A specially designed comfort handle and round face lets you wash your horse’s mane and tail with ease. Ideal for last minute tidying around your horse’s muzzle to take away whiskers and fine hair. Being slightly flexible they bend around the contours of the face. Disposable Scandinavian steel. Colours: Black & Silver, Pink & Pink Single, Boxes of 50 NEW Solocomb III The Retractable Brush HorseShave Designed to allow you to trim and tidy your horses mane and tail without the need for painful pulling. Durable design – simple to use! Brush your horse, twist when brush is full and the hair will drop from brush. Twist back again and begin brushing. Hygienic, adjustable, durable and easy to use. GROOMING CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: A safe and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from face and muzzle. Stencils Suitable for spraying, clipping and brushing. The three simplest designs to use are the ‘Hearts’, ‘Stars’ and ‘Shamrock’. The template for these comprises three shapes and they can be used individually or as a group of three or more. Made from heavy grade rubberised vinyl they have a magnetic backing and so when not in use can be stuck against a steel panel inside the horsebox or trailer for easy storage. Like the traditional quarter marking templates they work in the same way and can be used to build up a symmetrical pattern on the horse’s coat. Designs available: Clover Leaf, Crown, Fleur De Lys, Heart, Star, Superman, Thistle. Aerosol sprays available separately in various colours. KM ELITE PRODUCTS 79 Strips of 12