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YARD ESSENTIALS CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: 1 KM Elite 6ft Deluxe Cotton Lead Rope This traditional style lead rope is made with three quarter inch cotton for luxurious comfort and is fitted with the same deluxe XL brass clip as our polyester 6ft lead rope offering a more robust and durable product. This is widely considered as the best cotton lead rope on the market today and comes in a range of colours. Colours: Black, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Purple 2 KM Elite 10Ft Poly Yard Ropes with Solid Brass Clamp We are the largest supplier of this impressive leadrope to the POLO market. Perfect for Polo use but also ideal for when you and your horse require the benefits of working with a longer leadrope. This is the most superior leadrope in our KM Elite range with unrivalled durability, and the most reliable and robust lead rope available. Ten times stronger than the average cotton alternative with solid brass clamp. In our experience, horses tend not to chew the poly material - another advantage of this top selling product. 4 Colours: Black, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Red 3 KM Elite Plastic Coated Chains Heavy duty plastic coated chain for use in your lorry or yard. With quick-release panic snap at one end. Sizes: 55cm, 87cm 4 KM Elite Rubber Ties KM ELITE PRODUCTS 60 With Double Ended Clips each end, this stretchy, strong tie is extremely versatile. 1 5 KM Elite Double Ended Clips Perfect to be used on each end of a stall chain or for hanging buckets. 3 5 3 2