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KM ELITE PRODUCTS 44 BONES & MUSCLES CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: Better Bones Pellets For Strong, Healthy Dense Bones The skeleton is the foundation of the body, which provides support, protection for the organs, levers for movement and acts as a mineral store for the body. Bones will naturally adapt to the stress created by work or exercise by becoming denser where loading is greatest. If the correct vitamins and minerals are not available, bones will become weak or brittle, increasing the risk of injury or fracture. In brood mares, if sufficient levels of the bone developing vitamins and minerals are not available, the stores within her own bones will be used to create the skeleton of the foal. If these are not replenished it can cause brittle bones in the mare and lead to growth problems in the foal. Heavy grazing, farming and fertilisation can leave land lacking in these vital elements and providing the correct nutrition for bone strength and development is vital for every horse. Feed Better Bones in combination with Cortaflex ® for the ultimate in joint and bone protection for horses of all ages. 3.5kg (a 62 day supply) More Muscle Solution For Optimum Muscle Capacity and Condition More Muscle Solution is a powerful extract of Rice Bran supplement that helps to increase muscle capacity and condition, transforming your horse’s ‘top line’ in a month. More Muscle should be used in preparation for the show or dressage season, to prepare a youngster for sale, or to provide daily strength to the show jumper, eventer or racer with optimum muscle capacity for maximum power. Condition can then be maintained using V-Biotic ® . 946ml (a two month supply) More Muscle Pellets 908g (a one month) Tye-Gard ® Solution For Healthy Muscle Function. Fast exercise produces lactic acid in the muscle and as a result, many horses suffer from muscle stiffness or cramps during, or after work, leaving the horses looking ‘tucked up’. Tye-Gard ® contains a highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium, which are involved in the health of muscle tissue, allowing the muscle to work more effectively at full capacity. Use Tye-Gard ® daily for horses in high levels of training or competition to ensure optimum muscle health. Sizes: 946ml (a two month supply at maintenance), 3.8ltr Contains Strawberry Extracts